hymns too

Today the hymn leader instructed everyone to sing Joy to the World, but we were instructed to sing the words of Amazing Grace to the music of Joy to the World. A little different than the typical Christmas hymns I am used to, but it was interesting. Try it yourself…Joy to the World=Amazing Grace how sweet the sound…Some were better at the switcheroo than others.

Put on the whole armor of God…today’s lesson was in Ephesians 6. The pastor first played the sounds of war on his computer for everyone, and I thought, gee, he’s going to talk about Pearl Harbor. No, that wasn’t why and Pearl Harbor wasn’t even mentioned. He was preaching on the principalities about which those Ephesian verses warn us. I’ll never forget the time someone told me that and where I was at the time.

To be continued…

It was a cold walk to church this morning but the sun has warmed things up for my walk back in a couple of hours. My neighbor (who is 82) was feeling some chest pain and a headache this morning, saying her daughter and son-in-law seem to have the same thing. She generally calls me if she will miss church, and she did so this morning so I wouldn’t wait around outside in the cold for her. She and her daughter went to Florence Mall together for the  “after T Day” sales last week, apparently all picking up the same virus. She said she’d call her doctor tomorrow, but there isn’t much to do for a virus. I’ll check on her tomorrow to see how she is feeling and if there is anything I can get or do for her.

I made a roast today for a little “pulled” barbeque, complete with cole slaw. I go to church at dinner time, no sense in making others wait for me to get back.

 Start hymning…I’ll collage and anagram later after church.

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