Anagram: “They ‘ve thought about how God’s word is above all things. Well, nothing is quite like it. I saw the bible possessed written proof of a time Our Father communicated His love through a human Son on Christmas day. They eyed that old hymn book. they got to hydatinae, I know, you love it, I make history at Ohio River…think …”

Today’s collage:


Comics text used for anagram:

(i saw it but i’m not sure i believe it may be it’s in your head the hypothesis seems valid oh com’on you’ve got to be kidding i don’t know why you read those things ah have a bit of a hypothetical question oh really what you drink milk straight from the carton thought so swell i have something to look forward to then)

A second anagram:

“God’s Word is above all things.I saw the Bible has written proof of Our Father, Son and Holy Ghost. I wonder about you, Vickie, you look possessed. I am. 8) Quit it! The key to how you’re living—Christ. Well…no man is like Him. They’ve thought about that “hymn” thing. I think that I have come home to roost. They add “time” at year end.”

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2 Responses to think…

  1. Rick says:

    First question: How do you create such long anagrams? Is it out of your head, or do you have an anagram generator? Or is it a clever combination of both?

  2. V says:

    I do not use an anagram generator though I did find there was such a thing as an anagram checker which I occasionally use when I have something really long and can’t figure out if I had an extra “i” or not. 😉 Any anagram being “checked” is already a completed anagram/concept.

    Next question?
    BTW, another post answers that question in anagram form

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