12 to the eve

Anagram: “You know what? The Word made flesh one Christmas would be a great holiday. It really looks more like God touched her with “giddiness”. I  that  awaken you on earth had to pull internet.  No matter that you got a different hand, you always kept a loving house.


The jpeg shows the same words but in a different order. I am not explaining te anagrams  other than to say the term “giddiness” has come up a few times in my blog, as it is a diagnosis for my vertigo, and the definitions for the word giddiness not only include dizziness but “God possessed” as well. You can take it as you wish.

Text used for the anagram, “The aliens are already here oh wouldya look at that any thoughts the gift that keeps on giving the real world doesn’t affect you much does it how do you know my dream world is a lot like the real world suspended  animation what are you thinking about?”

I’m thinking there are twelve days to Christmas Eve.

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