the wordpress glitch

ANAGRAM: “I commence my www wordpress sign-in. I notice that little hum. How odd. “Consiga Un Blog gratis aqui.” I believe all view that today, that’s why I took the time, I show difference…no hablo espanol.”

Feliz Navidad! That’s the extent of my Spanish. Earlier I tried to sign on but the English version of WordPress was unavailable when I clicked the box, as was any other language but Spanish, por favor.  It did make me laugh because it wouldn’t change. I know I didn’t change it to Spanish. I tried three or four times, in different ways and I do like to go with the flow, but my Spanish is limited, so I did a partial screen shot at the time it occurred, figuring it would come in handy later for some reason …Spanish eh?    😉


 It just so happens to work in my anagram today, though…hmmmmmm, I wonder how that happened?

Yes, my Spanish is quite limited but when things like the wordpress glitch happen it usually means an opportunity has presented itself to me. In this case, I made a connection, took a screen shot, put the time in the jpeg and called it a post. I may not have made mention otherwise…of course I had to be paying attention.

Here’s today’s collage.


Text used from today’s comics for the anagram: “In a comic strip it can be difficult to tell when I’m shaking my head. I wonder why? Well, We’ve got to do something about this. It was a hypothetical question. However, I am seeing word balloons.”


PS ADDED: Pardon the “other glitch” of poor taste “possibly related posts titles”.

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