hear a bell, do you?

Yesterday, after getting my eyes dilated at 7:30 in the morning, I saw the ophthalmologist. The doctor said everything was fine for now, so it’s nice to have some good news for a change. I need a new Rx for glasses but that will have to wait until the next time I can schedule an appointment for the optometrist, as this was a check for everything but a refraction. It took about 6-7 hours before I could see again (since the eyes were dilated) but since yesterday was cloudy and rainy I didn’t get the typical headache associated with my eyes being dilated. Glare is a real migraine trigger if the sun is out under such a condition. I found a couple of pertinent connections in today’s toons to go along with that visit to the eye doctor…wouldn’t you know. ūüėȬ† Next post.

I had a re-hab appointment this morning, the last (except for one more pool therapy) for awhile until insurance says I can go back. Before heading out this morning I heard a winter storm was approaching but they were talking about it being more of an afternoon thing. Well, wouldn’t you know, I drove myself, and within ten minutes of parking the car the parking lot was covered, and within 20 minutes the street was covered. The flakes were large, so I didn’t think much about it being a problem driving, really. An hour after pulling in, my therapist walked me to my car and said if I was uncomfortable they would call me a taxi, with a voucher. I got in the car to go home, drove to the stop light, and began experiencing a complete visual distortion with the snowflakes giving me what we call the star wars effect around here wherein it’s like looking out the window at warp speed. Between the flakes and the wipers my vision-brain connection malfunctioned. I pulled up to the stop light, lightly put my foot on the brake and the car slid. At that point it was enough to deter me from driving myself home, because the only way to get there was downhill. I turned around and went back to re-hab. I took them up on the free ride home.

Within a couple of minutes the taxi arrived and in that short a time the road I had started to travel on was closed, as we found out halfway there, and the other hillside route we may have tried had also closed. Both are curving hillside roads with not much room for error. I was told that the one route (I had come up the hill) is the one the ambulances use to get to the hospital, thus first salted, and considered the best route because of that. Well…it wasn’t the case this morning. Between the time I got in my car and the time the taxi picked me up, only a few minutes, the road was closed. Had I continued on that route I may have slid right off the road, so I had¬†a little miracle today to share. I always appreciate that God intercedes for me when I don’t get it. The taxi driver, a previous city worker (and EMS driver) told me he had seen only one use of salt that morning, at one intersection. He added that this city did not have enough salt to use like they normally would…the same problem exists in many cities for some reason this year. I just told him I was happy he was my angel this morning.

Before I left the rehab center I talked to the therapist about my driving to my appointment and she said she was surprised I came in today. I told her that on the way up the hill I saw a red truck behind me and thought it was odd that it stayed¬†so far nehind me, because I drove up about 25mph/ I¬†“interpreted” the red truck mean that the danger of the day was behind me. Well, (and I laugh a little at the thought) I should have listened a little better at that point, because the interpretation was absolute…the ‚Äúdanger‚ÄĚ was in or on the road behind me. The road itself posed the danger, which is why it was closed¬†and¬†I could not return that way. That must be why it began to snow harder when I left, to set me off. Yes, I think an angel was there for me. It did stop snowing halfway down the hill via a different yet slippery route.¬†

The angel connection didn’t end there though. You see, as I¬†was waiting for the therapist to get her coat I heard a bell ring and turned to the direction from which I heard it, saying to the patient that the bell must mean an angel was about to get his wings. As it turned out, the man who drove me home was more than just¬†my ‚Äúangel‚ÄĚ today. I asked¬†the driver his name so¬†I could send him a card with a little something in it, since I had no money on me at the time and the ride was via a voucher.¬†

The coincidence¬†should not escape the attention.¬†The driver’s¬†name happened to be Bell. You know that little “It’s a Wonderful Life” angel-bell connection, don’t you?

As soon as I typed that sentence, at 3:49 PM, on the Dr. Phil Show, that clip of that movie was shown. ..yeah, we’re in sync, aren’t we?¬†

If I had decided to wait a while for traffic to clear the streets the snow would’ve cleared some and it wouldn’t have¬†been a problem. But then, I wouldn’t have had the story and made¬†my ¬†angel-bell connection either, would I? ¬†8)

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