it’s ok to share

Today’s anagram is what happened today, as is often the case. “Funny I didn’t worry when I left the house. My ride was a little risky. It’s OK to share Christmas miracle. I’ll tip that driver in note sent out to his house this week. WWW see He used lady to make us see faith?”

In the previous post (hear a bell, do you?) I explained what occurred today, so I won’t repeat it all, just read the last post. This is a follow-up so it’s best to do so because the anagram makes a little more sense. I just couldn’t post the collage and anagram when I did the last post. This is the comics collage of the day, which connects the eyes being dilated in the comics to my actual eye doctor visit and the anagram connects to a little angel-bell Christmas magic today.


Text used for anagramming is outlined in red.

As an aside, when the taxi driver had to turn around today he went down a road I had not been on before and I saw a life size Christ on the cross in a cemetery. I asked about it and the driver said it was the Catholic cemetery. I doubt I would have ever gone down that street otherwise. There is always another purpose to happenstance. We just need to be open to the opportunities that life’s little detours bring to us.

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