1000 steps

I had a goal to match the numbers on the T4 recumbent cross trainer . I wanted to do 1000 steps in ten minutes. Oh, I know, 1000 steps is nothing to most people, and a couple of years ago it wouldn’t have been much to contemplate for me either.


But 1000 steps gives me something to beat now. It’s a good thing the machine did the counting for me; I can only imagine how that would set off a major OCD episode. I catch myself counting every now and then, but I am aware by the time I reach 14 or 15 that I’m counting, and stop. My inner thoughts reorganize and back to something else. Sometimes I think I am too aware of what goes on in my own head. The first couple of times I used the machine I was no where near 1,000, but yesterday, I did just that, on the money. It’s nice to occasionally have a goal to reach for, and succeed at it.

I made a little comic connection on that count too, of course. 😉

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