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ANAGRAM: “I’ve invoked technologic bible proof of first letter Paul wrote to Thessalonians to show you I care. I might help the man with Vickie earn divine life I have. Why? We’re on the edge of the Second Coming. “

Hmmm, I thought…the man with me doesn’t celebrate Christmas, but today he went out to the loft to bring in some of my Christmas decorations…a little garland and small trees that I generally leave undecorated when I use them. That was a little unusual, so I decided to just go ahead and use them.

“With a firm reliance on the protection of divine providence…you have to believe! In this economy give the gift of practical knowledge. There’s something weird about all this. Oh…I know how she feels.” That’s the text chosen from comics yesterday for the  anagram, there’s another one in the collage.

I haven’t posted much lately, though I have done collages which I include today with  only one additional anagram. Lately the anagrams have been rather prophetic, somewhat like the one in today’s post. I had three or more specific messages in the anagrams today, all relating to Paul’s first letter to the Thessalonians, wherein some mentioned a reference to Acts, faith in waiting for the Lord to return, sanctification…all the stuff one would read in the bible. It’s funny what comes up in my anagrams. I generally try to simplify things and include a clarifier.

This collage is from yesterday’s comics.


Collages from 12-19 and 12-20 are together here with an anagram: 12-20toons1

“Why is Go Tell it on the Mountain a special carol to identify Christ at birth? Holy Ghost starts up water help in an early Exodus story. What a funny truth we eye.” Text highlighted in yellow in the collage gave the text for the anagram.

This is the collage of 12-21:12-21toons1

I am reminded when I hear the words to the song Landslide, which I heard as I did the collage, that I once took a photo of what I saw as a “familiar face” in the snow-covered Sangre de Cristo mountain range in Colorado.


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