Christmas anagrams

Anagram: “TV  has event triggering memory, too—how sweet. Vickie, How do I try to stop that BB gun, hear just in time…I had the best salad yet  cilantro tasted of soap.”

I think cilantro has a strange taste, because it tastes like soap to me. My daughter asked me last night what the strong taste was in her salad, and I assumed it was the cilantro, which she doesn’t eat very often, if ever. I told her I thought (and pointed it out to her) that the cilantro had a soapy taste, which everyone thought was rather odd. Well, it fits right into the anagram, too.

Someone got a new BB gun for Christmas. I know because at one point today I was told there were two someones in the field below me  with one. Well, wouldn’t you know. I looked out, saw a child pumping the BB rifle which was pointed in my direction. After he shot he then handed the gun over to a man who did the same. They had set up some bottles in the field  just behind me, aiming in this direction. They live next to the field, figuring it would be safer to shoot in someone else’s yard…uh huh.

So I went outside in my robe and yelled, “AIM IN ANOTHER DIRECTION!” They heard me loud and clear and picked up their bottles and went home. You know, I have seen enough people and animals maimed from BB guns. I had a cat and two dogs outside at the time and was pretty sure the kid was no crack shot. They could have put out a window in a vehicle or the house or injured someone. 

It reminded me of how my sister’s cat was killed because someone on the side street decided to shoot into the woods behind their house. The woods belonged to my sister, whose cat was just out in its own backyard when it was shot.

Otherwise, it was fairly quiet around here, the TV was on today with a couple of musical specials, but after they started to repeat I had enough.12-25toons

Text used for anagram, ” What do you think?  It just doesn’t get any better than this… believe …Christmas miracles …at some point we’ve got to get it right. A bar of soap? How very odd.”

I was up about 5 am, even though the Christmas celebration was last night with my kids. On a holiday, the street traffic is quieter than normal, something I can appreciate being up to enjoy. So I read comics and had some coffee, finishing my comics sometime between 7 and 7:30 this morning. I received a print that one of my daughter’s friends made, a block print of a snail, so I put it up in the living room. I had an empty spot with a nail just waiting for something to put there.


comics/collage and anagram of 12-24:

Text used for the anagram is outlined in yellow in the collage. You can see the anagram just below the comics bubbles.


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