a good walk

Anagram: “It is funny that no one else in the world has thought about use of anagrams to contact other life intelligence. I have been here a long time in a different body.  Boss might appear in ion space ship. Which one? They’re telepathic but I give back code in shape of a word. We wonder how big love is by Him.

The text chosen for the anagram is outlined in gold in the collage. 12-29toons

You might wonder why there is a figurine in the collage today. Well, I went for a Godwalk yesterday on the riverfront and in conversation I took a few photos, but don’t have them to share at the moment. I can share this though…

Before I decided to walk, I was sitting outside in my golden sequined slippers…sequins, oh yeah. My princess slippers. The big guy promised sunshine so I said, fine, I’ll go. I changed my clothes, and shoes of course, and went to the riverfront, camera in hand. On the way down the ramp I spied a figurine. “Made for McDonald’s Mattel 1992” it said on the bottom. It looked like a Barbie or a princess of some sort, so I put it in my pocket and went on. I took a photo of the next piece of paper I saw , on which I could only make out MISTU, so I knew I had been called. I won’t tell you about everything I took a photo of, but I will say the riverfront has inscribed bricks, and I took a photo of one that says faith, one that says God Bless You. I took photos of benches with words on them too, one which says in part Gene Talking. I can show you what I brought home. An interesting small piece of driftwood, a pinecone, a charred piece of wood in the shape of a fish, a feather and a badminton “bird”.

What does it all mean? I had a good walk with God. I did say seek and find in my last post, didn’t I?  8)walk12-27

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