be live, add an e

“You believe it’s a rational question…what’s the outer space story? We’ll need a little proof now and then. You’d think if God wrote one of you a tiny little silly hello you’d know the universal truth? Their reaction? Test the URL.”


Today’s anagram comes from the following text, which is in the blue field in the collage, “and each one is totally unique and they’ ll be here for future generations to ponder on…trust your instincts what do they tell you? It’s there, that’s all we have. I know how you feel… look… I’ll prove it to you. A little weird isnt it?”


As I do the anagrams a few songs become evident sometimes as I reach or rearrange certain words. Such synchronicity generally is a clarifier for me and usually fits into the collage for that reason. In example, as I was on the words you see in the screen shot (specifically putting an “e” in the word to make it the word “believe”) when the song Do You Believe in Love  (Huey Lewis & The News) came on.doyou


 Yeah…I believe.


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