on the TVA

Anagram: Look at the Tennessee Valley Authority fly ash pond breach; they claim coal is clean. OK,  if you think that is true take the www window tour. I hint, I worry I’m going to incite them. I show how they appeared in thought. I admire you write out apriori…we did try.”

Text used for the anagram: Why are you pointing the remote at me? Yeah you’re fine with it. I’ll take your word for it. I’ll have to wait until it comes back. Ordinarily, I’d ask how it could happen. Yeah, I know its easy… um correction… oh sheesh, right, why didn’t I put that together… now we wait.


I was basically challenged today. I was in the middle of a totally different thought in my anagrams when I was shown a knoxnews link on a (mostly civil war) re-enactor site (of all places) that took me to photos of the TVA “pond” breach that occurred last month. I remembered the day I heard the news I also heard that residents should just boil their water. I immediately knew it was worse than what a little boil would fix, because it was ash from coal. I don’t know why but I  didn’t see any photos of the mess until today. In my mind the word pond meant something a bit smaller than the mess I saw in the photos. I’m sure the photos cannot compare to the real thing in person.

There are many messages in the anagrams, and thus I don’t mind dropping one thing and picking up something else when there is a good reason to do so. If you haven’t seen the photos take a look at them.

It’s funny how I see so many different messages in the anagrams. Now I wonder if I can recall the original message I saw in the text…hmmm.

I hear on the TV, “They have a simple message…you ain’t seen nothing yet.”

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