it occurred to me

I disrupt you awhile with knock at the door. The tattarrattat comes through the background noise. I connect daily with two eyes. I like you. If I I.D. you with Rose of Sharon Plain I reiterate why I’m home, old way. Why will the pip hurt Netanya remote viewing?1-8-09toons21

Yep, I know the words are ever so slightly rearranged differently than in the jpeg, but you get the idea. Also, after looking over the last post it occurred to me that I may have made references to somethings that I never posted…those things you see in this anagram. Sorry.

On the 8th I did a collage and an anagram therein, but I also did a second anagram and did not get back on the computer. That happens sometimes. Oh well. Better late than never…so they say.  Same collage, just a different concept, but it makes the connection to other things this week. So now when you look at this one, try to remember it came before the last three posts. You’ll see why. 8)

The text used for the anagram is in the yellow field.

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