the blue field

I am geographically challenged, but directionfromsharonI made the connection today between the Rose of Sharon that I was seeing in my anagrams and the Sharon Plain and Netanya, Israel, which showed up in an anagram in nother post. I can’t explain how my mind works but I learn alot through my anagrams. I go with something that I see in an anagram one day and it often comes through another way the next day, in another form, to connect something for me. Remember, I do almost all of my anagrams from comics text bubbles that I put together in a conversational collage.

I know little to nothing about Israel’s Mediterranean Coast other than that which an old man I met years ago at a storytelling festival in Jonesborough, Tennessee told me. He would often say it is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Well, some photos would prove that, but I have not had the luxury to travel as others do. As is often the case, much of what I learn about the world comes through news bytes, and lately not much good news comes from the Middle East. I still have hopes that the beauty that Mother Earth has given us may one day be the top story from the region.

Meanwhile…back on the planet here…I made a couple of connections today that I put together (for whatever reason), as though using a remote viewer, or being a remote viewer, since it comes up in the anagram today and has recently in another post. I just try to go with the flow and see where it takes me. Sometimes, it’s a surprise.

Today’s anagram comes from the blue field…like the Mediterranean Sea…

“When I heard how Sharon Plain meant Netanya…” There have been a few references to Israel this week in my anagrams. A little unusual for me….but…

Also, in the anagram I mention the ash story, about the TVA pond breach (on the TVA) and an article in the local paper today about Indiana being number one in toxic coal ash (mo’ash)1-9-9toons

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