gossip and worms

In church last night I heard the man behind me sing,

Alas! and did my Savior bleed
And did my Sovereign die?
Would He devote that sacred head
For such a worm as I?”

Apparently the man behind me sang that stanza the way it was originally written…with the word “worm” where we now sing the word “sinner”. I heard the difference. So after we had sung the entire hymn with the “updated” words, Brother Kline, who led us last night, enlightened us about the song’s author, Isaac Watts and the lyrics change in the song (At the Cross) and we sang that verse again using the word “worm”.

I did a little search this morning on the song and found this post (http://pastorandpeople.wordpress.com/2008/10/06/dont-mess-with-isaac-watts/) wherein it says, “that in 1885, Ralph E. Hudson took this hymn, “Alas, And Did My Savior Bleed,” added a refrain, and retitled it “At The Cross.”

Chorus by Hudson

At the cross, at the cross where I first saw the light,
And the burden of my heart rolled away,
It was there by faith I received my sight,
And now I am happy all the day!

We also sang Watts’s “Marching to Zion.

Why do I mention this? In church yesterday, a couple of interesting things occurred, or I should say, I NOTICED a couple of things. I make connections, remember?

1-11snowflakeJust prior to church, or I should say while walking on the way there, my neighbor showed me a couple of cards she had been sent for Christmas, one a musical card and another in the shape of an ornament with little snowflakes on it, very similar to this one as  found in yesterday’s comics, which is in part of my comics collage shown below(I never got around to finishing the larger one yesterday, comics collages are something I do daily with anagrams in this blog). 



She took the cardsfrom her purse, opened them, showed them to me and closed them for me. After showing me what they said (which I cannot remember at this point) she put them back in her purse. At one point during the guest pastor’s sermon I noticed something catching the light. As tiny as those itsy bitsy squares of glitter are, I could see them…glitter was appearing on the index finger of my right hand. I showed my neighbor.

Hmmm. I could not account for the glitter except to look up and smile. I sit in the same pew every week and don’t handle anything but the hymnal, the bible or the notebook and pen. I brought to make notes. I wear gloves to and from church, have no glitter in my house and neither of the cards shown to me on the way to church had glitter on them, so I have no idea where the glitter came from, so when I showed my neighbor and she took the cards out of her purse to check for glitter. I touched the snowflakes on the one card, proving there was no glitter on the cards. Now you may be thinking, yeah, there is the occasional handshake at church, I could have had glitter on my hand from someone else’s hand, except I had not touched anyone else at that point in time.

Now let me go back a moment…

During the morning service the regular church pastor gave a sermon on Jeremiah, including those words which are on the open page of that notebook that I keep in the pew where I sit. I had written Jeremiah 8:22 down with a few notes about myrrh being the balsam of Gilead, Jesus Christ in person, and a few other things…last week. I wrote those notes during the service last week and this was after I wrote the post Myrrhed? There was no mention of that verse in church last week, but I did write it down in the notebook. The pastor only gave the Jeremiah sermon yesterday morning.

He also mentioned a scar on his left index finger, and because I thought that a funny coincidence I compared scars after church. So maybe I was already noticing the little things yesterday, who knows, but it was a curious thing to see glitter on my right index finger. What could God be telling me? Was He making a connection? Is glitter indicative of something else?

Yesterday was my birthday with the day starting at 12:01 (midnight plus one) with a big slurp on my right ear. I had been asleep about a half hour at that point, so I growled a little then went back to sleep for a short time but did not sleep well. Nothing like starting the birthday early. I mention this slurp for a specific reason. There is a connection to something I heard in church last night.  A church member gave last night’s sermon; the sermon was about gossip. You say, huh?

Here’s the connection…one of the last things he said was something about another’s sermon in which he heard mentioned the crucifixion of the eyes, the ears and something about “one’s tongue being so long as to wet his own ear.” I thought it so odd that I wrote that down just before leaving church, and ripped the  partial piece of paper (on which I wrote those words) off of my notebook and stuck it in my pocket, knowing I would make the connection later.

No, it was not my own tongue that slurped my ear at 12:01, and there is no gossip there was one who did shake my hand  last night after church saying he would “never gossip again”. It was an interesting connection or two yesterday, don’t you think?


Yesterday was a good birthday in that I spoke with my kids, my brother, and of course, God. You know, all that glitters isn’t really gold,…the glitter on me was more of a silvery white  anyway. 8)

As I am ready to post this there’s a huge stutter on the TV (the news was on with the weather forecast). Hmmm. I wonder what to make of that?

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