the messenger

Mercury. You know he is not the guy on the dime, though that’s what people think. Mercury was the the messenger of the gods in Roman mythology. It’s also the planet closest to our sun  and the element with the atomic number 80. It’s the talk of the town right now, because it’s also the second poison we have read about this week. Seems the news around here is getting worse all the time. I guess maybe I’ll need a scorecard to get an idea what’s going on. You might too.

We (Madison, Indiana) had the coal ash story last week, which I mentioned in my post, mo’ash, and now mercury is the headline. I have always heard that little voice telling me…it’s in the water. Well, now I guess there is a bit more to that little voice.

In two years time the hood of my car has sported multiple holes in the hood, to the point that they have rusted completely through. There was little to no eivdence of that when I bought it, and I can’t prove how they got there, but I have blamed the rain. I can’t prove how many dead fish I have seen in the water when I walk along the riverfront, but I have mentioned it to people I know….The guy across the street said he would never eat any, though he fishes regularly.

Mercury is a messenger. Some listen, some deny the message, but today the Madison Courier let the winged walker’s other shoe drop…like a lead shoe, maybe, though I don’t like that version of monopoly here. Surprise today is the story about  mercury, Madison’s other dirty little secret. God help us.

You know, when people ask me about my neurologic problems and how it all started, I kind’a blow it off a little and say, there is a law in Indiana that you can’t take a bath between November first and  (I don’t know for sure but think it’s) March or something. Well, as strange as it may seem, I did take a bath on November 1st two years ago and when I got out, well, …I have never been the same since. Could there have been something in the water?

Madison is really “on the map” these days, but not always in a good light. Let’s hope someone pays attention and brings us a better tomorrow. Speaking of tomorrow…

 Tomorrow night is the meeting about going over the water…. It’s the Milton-Madison bridge meeting. I wonder what will come of that?

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