a few changes

Somewhere around  the blue field I started getting a Rose of Sharon reference in my anagrams. After I posted the last anagram I re-did it because I knew there was more to it than what I first got.  It doesn’t mean either one is right or wrong, just different. It’s my game, I play it as I see it. So I left the first sentence in the new anagram pretty much the same as in the last post (the four horsemen converse) removing only one word, since it is the  thing that spoke first and was seomthing that happened this morning but the rest is different, “I  did order the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Four Horsemen shoes from Zappos dot com today. They tell me how you caused a thought in me. I’m sentient but unable to touch. I really enjoy EIEIO. When you’re away in mallow plain light a lamp to heal it. I await you.” anagram1-13-09

As one can see  it occurred to me  before that a few changes can change everything.

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