if ya gotta put it down…

Anagram: “Double engine hit, jet on fire…catch it! Connection too rough, angels might take over that flight. Amazing skill of U.S.Airways pilot kept everyone safe. Boats met up. Got good information for hero magic.”

Text for the anagram came from the aqua field in the comics collage.


Today’s top news story was about what they called a double bird strike on a plane flying out of New York. I heard about it while trying to figure out my comics collage anagram. I already had chosen the text and was working on re-arranging letters while looking at one red and two blue glass beads that I found in the bathtub after having taken a bath (about 1:30) this afternoon. I am unsure how I noticed them at all.

I have no beads in the house except for jewelry that is in drawers, but nothing I own has such tiny beads and I do no crafts with beads. For some reason I found them and made this connection as I held them in my hand…there was an “all hands call” to the waters of the Hudson today and red and blue signify police and fire department and colors on boats. The tugs and ferries collected passengers from the downed aircraft within moments of its water landing.

Earlier I had the idea that there was danger making itself known. I was on page 189:westoresomethingprecious

If ya gotta put it down, it helps to have  a lot of skill, good luck and timing working together. Good job pilot, police, fire, and others for a success story. Thanks God. 8)

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