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The Nazca or Nasca Lines in Peru have had some slight alteration in the past week. It seems there was an article on inauguration day that a little color was added to the geoglyph known as the hand or the hands. Seems appropriate to me. I only saw this mentioned in an article on on the 20th. The article was short and said that “precipitation left a layer of white clay on parts of two of the geoglyphs, ‘giving another color to the figures.'” These figures, discovered in 1927, are depictions of plants, animals, people, etc., made by the locals who lived there between 300 BC and 800 AD. A map shows the position of the hands amidst the other geoglyphs. My anagram mentions the Ingenio, the hematite mine and connects to another post.

It was funny today that I heard that song, Stand by Me, while out shopping today. It reminded me I had not posted yesterday’s comics collage, nor had I done today’s at that point. So there you have it, yesterday’s collage and anagram. Today’s was lengthy and I was out more than in today, so today’s will have to wait until tomorrow.1-21-09toons What a procrastinator!

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