a wolf, a pig and a connection

While out yesterday the car battery died so I didn’t get very far.  I made it to Salvation Army store, where I picked up a cheap battery operated clock (a bit about that will be in the next post and anagram) because bad weather often brings power outages here. It was a buck fifty. I walked to my friend’s shop after finding out the car was not going anyplace.

I was at my friend’s shop a few minutes, waiting for a ride back home, when a couple came by asking her if they could wash her windows. Darlene said they generally do her windows, and it was a cold day to do so yesterday. After they completed the job, (which only took a few minutes) the man and I talked about a local grocer’s kindness to them. He said they were given the opportunity to collect food that would normally be thrown out, and he was quite happy about that. A lot of times it’s just cabbage with the outer leaves a bit roughed up or past prime bananas, so it is mostly a cosmetic thing. I know there are gleaning programs in other cities, but nothing I know of locally. The man said he would be happy to help others if he has more than he can keep, but I doubt he has the where-with-all to initiate such a program at the moment, since he mentioned he would be needing a freezer as it is. One thing at a time, bud. It is something I have wondered about here though; a gleaning program , I mean. Anyway…

The reason I mention this is because Bizarro’s comic today reminded me of another part of the conversation. The man was wearing a t-shirt that caught my eye. I noted it had the word WOLF on it,  and it was enough to make an impression for some reason, though the rest of the shirt was unseen under his coat. Part of the conversation was about the fact that he said his father was a butcher so he had a lot of knives, and he knew how to butcher his own meat, specifically mentioning he could get a pig from a local Amish farm for a good price. It struck me odd that I was having that conversation, but in this economy it helps to be able to do whatever you can to feed your family.

 If you look at the comic, the pigs were about to take revenge on the butcher, having just finished up with the big bad wolf. I do make some strange connections in life.

There is a snow emergency today, so not many people are allowed to be out or need to go anywhere, though I do have a new battery, courtesy of that Christmas gift card the kids gave me last month. Good thing I hadn’t used it yet, otherwise I wouldn’t have had the money to buy a new battery. Funny the things that happen in my little universe…here’s part of another comic strip today:maybe1-27-09

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