Anagram: “The more you read the more you’ll understand something wonderful is happening; sentients connect with homosapiens—others felt communication was worthy. We hope and dream normal things like life, love…Today both “dynamisms” via a skill. Don’t worry  who has faith, the Lamb is satisfied with President Barack Obama; took to him right away.”

That anagram is from text in one of the collages in the post, 3 reads. The text used is shown in this mini-collage, though the anagram reads diferently than what is written above.


In another collage (below), using the comics from yesterday, the anagram contains a reference to a clock, mentioned in my previous post, a wolf, a pig and a connection. Text used for the anagram is within a red field. When I picked the clock up I believed the time to be stopped at 10:31, and it being a Corinthian, I took that to mean 1 Corinthian 10:31, wherein part of the verse reads, “…whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.” I could have been wrong on the time on the clock when I found it but…I have always taken Corinthians to refer to God’s love note and well, you know, God speaks to each of us differently. An old page of mine gives an example. 1-26-09

Insofar as the rest of the anagram, it has to do with some game on the computer that the beau plays all the time. I have no appreciation for the sex-promoting profiles of players that I have seen him looking at. Of course whenever I walk in the room the screen changes. Like I was born yesterday, I suppose. Anyway, the anagram points to specific pages, just as part of my record for now.

BTW, the word “dynamism” came up in the comics yesterday so you’ll see it was used in both of my anagrams, both yesterday’s and the day before (both posted here). A little dynamism goes a long way. 😉

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