spirit and H

babyhSpirit took a little break last weekend. Hey! No one ever mentioned vacation! They feel lazy now and then; over time they out-think us. God’s law continues…When Jesus helps human “H” emerge Monday that’s everyone. A safe birth. Eighth human beginning His way.”

That anagram comes from text in the green field in the collage . I know, I am behind in posting comics and anagrams lately. We’ve had power off and on during the winter storm the past couple of days too, so I haven’t done yesterday’s or today’s comics yet either. I’ll get there.

Spirit, as in the rover, was uncommunicative this past weekend, as I mentioned in my post, feisty spirit, yesterday, so that accounts for the first part of the anagram.

Baby “G”, who was the second smallest of the octuplets born Monday, was delivered and everyone thought the births were over until the surprise brother “H” was found. I wonder why nobody saw him until the last moment. Sixteen arms and legs probably make it difficult to count in such a small space. The doctor said the smallest baby, which weighed only 1 pound 8 ounces, was “feisty”. That sounded good. 😉   More info at MSNBC.

Birth is always a miracle, whether it’s one or 8.

On the 27th I posted but did not give the day’s comics collage or anagram. So here it is…things sometimes get lost around here. 1-27-09toons1

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