must be the oatmeal

 My sister used to live in Snoqualmie, Washington, so when it came up in my anagram yesterday it made me wonder what was going on there. My anagram was mentioning a volcanic eruption and a connection so I looked up Mt Ranier which I knew was  previously right outside my sister’s kitchen window: got the  coordinates, 46° 51′ 11.88″ N 121° 45′ 35.64″ W

For some reason I was feeling there was a connection between Mt Ranier and Mt. Redoubt (which I saw on CNN’s site this morning, that it might blow) and didn’t realize there was a Mt. Redoubt in Alaska and one in Washington.

The volcano in question is in Alaska. Still, I knew there was something to the Washington connection.

On a topographical map I looked up Mt. Redoubt in Washington.N 48.97852 and W -121.28423. I  didn’t think it was in the right spot for the connection I was feeling but kept in mind there must be something. I did notice the name “Madison” popped out at me as I looked at a topographical map though, and saw the name was actually Port Madison at coordinates 47° 43′ 30.76″ N, 122° 31′ 32.87″ W .

As it turned out, early this morning there was a small quake in the Seattle area of Washington, in an area that I mapped out for my own reference. Of course, the USGS info is good too.

It’s been a while since I had Snoqualmie Falls oatmeal. Buying the Quaker Oats this week must have reminded me what I’ve been missing.

Yesterday’s and today’s comics collages:



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