“If “we’re” imagined, how do you talk with us? Don’t worry about Mount Redoubt. Alien in hut able to allow fumarole to vent more slowly. Hawt sentient man uses tintinnabulation. Get that? One station’s enough. Think mailbox angel helps. If in pain you still need physical therapy…do not carry anything! Jesus faith gave total high.”

Today’s anagram comes from text within the yellow field in the comics collage. Take it for what it’s worth.2-1-09anagram


The Word of the Day for

February 01, 2009 is:

preternatural • \pree-ter-NATCH-uh-rul\ • adjective

1 : existing outside of nature
*2 : exceeding what is natural or regular : extraordinary
3 : inexplicable by ordinary means; especially : psychic
Just thought I would throw that in today as I felt it was relevant.

I ran across the word “tintinnabuli” today, as I was checking to make sure I had spelled tintinnabulation correctly. It came up in my anagram. Merriam-Webster didn’t think there was such a thing, but I could appreciate the word of the day, so that came into the stream of things here. The tintinnabuli definition came from Wikipedia: “Tintinnabuli is the mathematically exact connection from one line to another…..tintinnabuli is the rule where the melody and the accompaniment [accompanying voice]…is one. One plus one, it is one – it is not two. This is the secret of this technique.”

I also came across this page, on which the title word was spelled incorrectly, but I used it in its correct form in the collage, rather than the font I was using in the rest of the anagram.

Anyway…the one thing I understand. I only get one TV channel, so yeah it was Super Bowl Sunday. No party, no guests. And I didn’t go to church today because I didn’t feel like walking in the street and playing dodgems with people who won’t move over.  My neighbor decided she didn’t want to play that game either. The sidewalks are totally iced between my front door and the church, and with the shadow of the house on the sidewalk, it will be a while before it is cleared. At least the dog CAN go  out the back door now, but since I let him go on the porch when everything was iced up, he now goes in the house. Great…just one more thing I didn’t need.

I did get to the store today, via being picked up right outside the door and driven, so I have food for the next snow-in. I couldn’t carry anything into the house myself today, just one of those days, I guess. With the back pain, ice on the sidewalks, vertigo and reflux in my upper throat, I just wasn’t having a good day. My garden angel by the mailbox did indeed remind me to take care while outside. She’s like a guardian angel…I need one sometimes.

The 10 inches of snowmelt is dripping all around the house, inside and out. It is depressing trying to clean the house up and having water dripping down from the coal-dust filled ceiling, wetting and ruining a couple of antique books, a lampshade, and a couple of prints on the wall. Nothing is ever just easy around here. My sister is coming in for an overnight visit on Friday, for a job-interview, and will be shocked at where and how I live, no doubt. All I can say is it ain’t mine. She will be staying in a hotel, not here. I will do what I can to lessen the shock, by trying to put some of the mess away, which is part of the reason I am depressed today, too. Just trying to clean up the regular messes around here is bad enough without one more thing ruined because of the conditions here. Oh, I am ready for my castle, as soon as someone will send me a key.

For now, I complete the day’s post and try to sit and sleep off and on until morning. The medication I take no longer helps, so if I lie down I may choke to death from stomach contents. I know, you would rather not know this, but it is my journal.

No matter what goes on around here, and the depths of despair that I feel at times, I can still be grateful and thankful and say, Thank You, Jesus, for being there for me, even though I didn’t make it to church today, and even though I am in a mood. As I finish typing I hear the song…”You’re there when I need you…” playing. It’s on the TV as the Office is going off. 

Yeah, He’s here when I need Him. Goodnight.

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