light and dark

ANAGRAM: “They talk of Mount Redoubt heavy ash entering Cook Inlet…yeah that’s the theory. Two who witness take nothing away. WIFI Indiana A.I.  Holy Ghost makes sentient’s existence measurable to see specific text.” 


Today’s collage is a little different in that I inverted the colors in the collage, leaving the text I anagrammed in white and everything else dark. A little play on light and dark. It’s bright outside here today; the sun is reflecting off the snow all around. The last time I checked the Redoubt hut cam (before putting a reference to it in my jpeg) it was black. Since then it has come to show the area is being weathered.

Speaking of weather, it is too cold to get much laundry washed and hung outside, since it is only in the 20-30 degree temperature range today. I may go to the laundromat to get things done later. My sister is visiting tomorrow, and because of that I have tried to spiff things up a computer-seeslittle around here; having laundry baskets empty will afford a little more walking space in this tiny house.

 When I saw this part of today’s computoon I had to laugh because I have curtains everywhere. Part of a couple of bookshelves have curtains on the lower half, because I have so much stuff my eyes need a place to rest…the curtains help. I remember thinking about how many curtains I have up and laughing about it yesterday. I changed out some curtains in the windows and put sheers at two doorways. Life and art walk hand in hand around here, and although the computer can see curtains from where it sits, I did not actually curtain the monitor. 😉

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