11:10, not so random

I just watched the psychic “Medium” show on NBC;  it’s 11:10 going on the computer as I type. I save the draft to document the time: Last edited by V on February 9, 2009 at 11:11 pm”  That done, I go back to trying to put the post together.  I had a few days away…light and dark  was the last post on the 5th. My sister came to town this past weekend so I haven’t posted, nor done anagrams of any comics, though I did do some collages which I am posting now in case I need to reference them. They make the connection to that which came before. The time starts the synchronicity, as you will see if you are paying attention.

February 6:


February 7

2-7-09toonsI checked out some books at the library while waiting for my sister (who traveled from Tennessee on Friday for Saturday’s  interview) to interview for the library’s director position offered in Madison. I heard there were 4 being interviewed. I selected two books, “Can’t Remember What I Forgot” and “The Drunkard’s Walk, How Randomness Rules Our Lives”.  😉

My sister and I had a nice, albeit a short, visit. It would be nice to see her get the job, unless the universe has something better for her. She’s been unemployed a while and is about out of money. I wish I could hand her the job but it isn’t mine to give. I guess we’ll find out who the new director is soon though.

Below is a combined collage of yesterday’s and today’s comics, mainly because I did not choose many either day. I have not done any anagrams from any of these collages, either, but may do one in the morning before I settle down to new comics. You may note that I have used a few money origamis in this collage. On Sunday, I gave my usual $3.16 in the morning offering, using dollar bills which spelled out “EGG”. I did that purposefully, since I had a choice of more dollar bills at that point. During the afternoon I decided to do money origami, rather than just the typical triangle that I drop in.

I looked up a few easy dollar bill origami designs on the internet, and decided to use two for the evening service offering. One dollar was shaped into the dollar “ring “and the other into a “shirt”. I decided not to put the third into the mix for now. Thus in the collage you see a picture of the dollar ring and shirt, which are easy and a fish, which I did not do.


In the Sunday morning service the pastor said he looked up “a passion for…” on the internet, coming up with some 38 million webpages, but did not have time to go through them all. Funny. He mentioned people named their passions, like sports, or writing, photography, that sort of stuff. He said he was really looking for those with a passion for God. He didn’t find any, I guess, or at least he didn’t say he came across anything to share with us.

As it turns out, I used to have a page called “I Caught a Passion”, and copying the comments that show up in the search, about “framing each day’s gift in such a way that others may see the beauty of God’s language, laughter and love…” The page no longer exists though, since it was part of AOL’s hometown pages that have since closed. It would have been nice to show him that some of us do indeed have that passion.

Later, during the evening service, he again spoke of the passion and of the talents or gifts given to us by God, and how we need to be utilizing them more. I sat there wondering how on earth I could ever explain to the congregation that God and I talk via the computer and anagrams. People probably think I am weird enough already. My sister says I should just do what I think I should do, as there will always be those who think it is a blaspheme to interpret the way I do. Many think that about some who have spoken of unusual manifestations of the spirit. I just document life as it goes along.

Anyway…Because I could no longer print out the page which is gone I made a connection to another old blog  somehow via keywording that broken link and saw that an old blog entry from February 16th (a couple of years back). I was a bit surprised to find I was able to relate a couple of things in the photo (an egg and “passion”). I knew it was just one of those weird connections of the past. Not real sure how I made the connection, though.

Maybe things are not so random…Obviously I have never thought random meant unconnected. Done for now, maybe anagrams tomorrow. Oh, it’s tomorrow already. Geesh!

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