are you coquí friendly

Frogs and crickets, a few owls, rabbits and raccoons are some of  the night critters who make music during the night. I grew up with the deafening silence of the surrounding countryside putting me to sleep every night, but that same sound is enough to keep others awake.

 I saw an article today about coquí (frogs), which are about the size of a quarter, causing a ruckus in Hawaii. This has been a problem for a number of years ever since the little guys stowed away on somebody’s boat, God knows when. You know what they say, one man’s music is another man’s disturbance. In Puerto Rico the coquí is popular, but in Hawaii, the  eleutherodactylus coqui is a menace, to the point that real estate values have come down wherever these miniature frogs live?? It always seems to come down to money, doesn’t it?

People complain the noise is so loud they cannot get to sleep at night, yet in Puerto Rico many could not sleep without the coquí lullaby. All depends on what one is used to I suppose. I take it Puerto Ricans really love their frog songs, and I include a link to a page with many frogs’ songs. Hard to imagine a forest with a frog. What I find interesting about the coquí is that it develops legs while in the terrestrial egg, bypassing the tadpole stage altogether.They don’t have to lay eggs in water, so they can reproduce anyplace.

I always thought frogs were good, but these have been called invaders. I know they eat lots of bugs that I don’t particularly care for, but then, if you are trying to keep exotic birds in the area you probably need all the bugs you can keep, so I can understand if the coquí are cutting down on the insects. I could use coquí in my back yard though for that reason.

For all the racket they make, I wonder what they could be telling us that, because we are too wrapped up in our own species, we don’t  understand? There is more to their song than just a mating call.

I bet they are all just screaming to go back home.

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2 Responses to are you coquí friendly

  1. larry says:

    the coqui HAS NOT been shown to drive down housing prices here in hawaii, the study that was done claimed less than a 1% price decline which is well within any margin or error and they then applied that to the value of ALL homes in hawaii and came up with this huge number … pretty sure the current state of the economy has driven prices down more so than any coqui … here is a good site about the coqui:

  2. V says:

    Thanks for clarifying that point Larry. I just went by the report, not being a native Hawaiian myself, but still a frog lover. Statistics can be misleading, so I appreciate your input. Thanks for the link as well.

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