food product recalls

I couldn’t help but notice, while looking over the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s peanut butter/peanut containing products recall lists, how many candy products have names that really do not exactly make my tongue water in anticipation. Some of the names of Candy Product Recalls include cutesy names like Bear Poop, Bear Scat, Buffalo Chips, Chicken Coop Poop, Cow Patties, Cow Pies, Deer Droppings, Goo Goo, Moose Droppings and Osprey Poop. Just using the word droppings is enough for me to think about the last time I had to clean behind the stove and cabinet. Anyone for mouse droppings on their sundae? I guess I am missing something but generally I am not attracted to poo, goo, doo and droppings.

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