threading it through


ANAGRAM: “I think the data we borrow points to hyperwebs your angel friends spin up. Remember, phones Vickie’s on use Ariadne’s thread. She learns one of the videos she bought—T’ai Chi With Jean—teaches better whole physical health.”

Ontology is my word for the day. You can figure out why. It makes more than one connection to Ariadne’s thread. For those who want a little more of the story where Ariadne’s thread is used: Theseus and the Minotaur.

Today’s anagram actually comes from a collage I posted in my entry 11:10, not so random, on February 10th, using a combination of comic text bubbles from the 8th and 9th. I posted three collages that day, having been busy over the weekend, and I did not do any anagrams on any of the text in the collages at that point. Shown below is that which I chose from the third collage for anagramming:anagram19on2-11-09

On the 9th, I picked up a few exercise videos at Goodwill.  One of the videos is mentioned in the anagram, T’ai Chi with Jean, the video teaching the Yang style. I have never done T’ai Chi before and unsure when I will get around to actually doing this video, but I have it now and I have the intent to use it. My mom used to do T’ai Chi..loved it. I always wanted to learn it and perform it with a partner. So much for that.

mindwalkOne of the videos I bought was an old (1990) movie called Mindwalk, with Liv Ullmann, Sam Watterston and John Heard. One of those weird things that called to me from the shelf about a poet, politician and physicist talking about quantum physics. Sounds like I should say “walk into a bar” after a poet, politician and physicist, but it’s no joke. I figure there is a reason why it chose to be there for me to take it home. Everything connects, ya know.

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