sunday bow

Anagram: “Vickie saw that “dollar george” USGS package; why didn’t they want to ask us about it? All to find faith lights the way we think. We sent that “bow” to Indiana. We sense you go out, you pick up on why I wove it in…doing my job. Mindwalk Cincinnati Museum.”

Anagram 2 is written at the bottom of the collage. Text used for the anagrams is outlined in red. In the previous post I showed an interesting connection from a photo, which I used again part of today.

On the way to church tonight I saw a sun bow or cloud bow, unsure what it is really called since there was no rain anywhere around where I was. We’ll just say it was a rainbow and that there had to be rain someplace, otherwise you can’t call it a rainbow. 8) . My neighbor and I enjoyed it on our quick walk to church and showed the pastor and another woman when I got there, but others couldn’t see it as well from inside the church. It was a vertical rainbow to the north of a cloud in the south west sky. Most everyone else came from the west, so they didn’t see in coming in.

I picked up a movie this week called Mindwalk, but still have not looked at it. I suppose I should do that this week. Meanwhile, I guess I will mindwalk  the Cincinnati Museum, or maybe the art museum assuming there is something for me to connect.  😉

Today’s collage:2-15-09toons

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