pop outs

In an article on Physorg.com I read that the “Queen Mary’s School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science report the first published use of an artificial intelligence computer program to create pictures and stimuli to use in visual search experiments.”

Discussed was a “‘pop out’ , which means one recognizes the ‘different’ part of a picture, a ‘spot the difference’ task. Sounds like something I do all the time, lol. 8)

Hmmm. And speaking of things that are different, things which are different yet similar are important things to notice as well. Take for instance that two satellites collided last week and two nuclear subs collided earlier this month as well. You would think sonar would pick up on the other subs before they’d run into each other. Is it because computer programs are turning a blind eye to positioning, or that humans are not paying attention? There’s an awful lot of equipment up there and down below that could wreak havoc in more ways than I would like to imagine.

Sounds like it’s getting dangerous out there. Maybe it’s not so much the abilities of the systems as is it human error.

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