I’ve gone from a coqui frogs post last week to coquina stone (among other things) today. Why? Things  just show up in anagrams because it is somewhere in my mind and I suppose the heart unlocks certain doors now and then for a reason. Here’s the stream of my consciousness:

Coquina stone forms the walls of the Castillo de San Marcos,which is in St. Augustine, Florida. I’ve been there a time or two, and seeing the Heathcliff cartoon today with a cannon in it jogged a memory or two. More than that it made a connection.

I have had cannon mentions in real life in the past few days. When I went to the local Salvation Army store I saw a small cannon trinket, handled it, thought about buying it, then put it back on the shelf. The same day I spoke with a friend who actually  has a reproduction verbruggen cannon ( re-enactor) and yesterday I spoke with someone who came to the house who mentioned a cannon sold at a store in Carrollton. No, I am not looking for a cannon but…

The cannon connection is a bit bizarre in that I have a picture (lost someplace in a mass of photos) of my ex pretending to be shot out of the cannon at the Castillo de San Marcos. When we visited there on one visit we visited the Ripley’s Museum and went to the Great Cross at the Mission of Nombre de Dios, where we put some hemp ankle bracelets on, with a promise. Well, so much for that.  We used to make new ones every time the hemp broke. The last ones were made of  thread by his daughter…I’ll just leave it at that.hemp-bracelet


Anyway…We went to see the cross (after we had visited Ripley’s Museum for a couple of hours). I did not get to see the rest of the mission that day, due to what I believe to have been a miscarriage that day, so the visit was cut short. 2-17-09anagramGetting off subject again, sorry.

The Mission has a little “walking tour” which you can take online, as they say, ” as a walking visitor would”. Enjoy it, if you should decide to look online or in person. I always like thinking about or going to St. Augustine, though it is hard to say if I will ever have money again to do so.

Today’s anagram, “Earth path created a sight…they wonder…is that A. I. way up high building a key hub? See Who’s on first, What’s on second, I Don’t Know is on third. It took genius to change AGCT; Lamb’s half ET. Get happy…take a walk at museum.”

Today’s collage  is below. comics2-17-09You can figure out where the text came from for anagrams. 8)

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