whatever works, huh?

2-20-09toonsAnagram 1: “Incredible knowledge comes through my anagrams. They never took you for a fool, find minute with TV set. What’s intuition tell you today? You found Julie safe. Think about starting storytime.” The first anagram comes from the text within the red outline, but then I have another anagram which uses that text plus a little more…

I talk through divine light. Whatever Works catalog came today. How do ET fit in? How did you find out about alien’s map?You thought fifty years in one town’s enough but that Madison home, it’s got you thinking serious water illness if you continue.He eyes pretty WWW women, they play dream world. For what it’s worth, he’s just not into you, Vickie.”



The second anagram comes from text in the purple outline. Some of the visuals in the collage will take you back a few posts to make the connections. And as far as the anagrams go, yes, the truth is often told in an unusual way. It was kinda’ funny when the catalog came today, since I have never had a Whatever Works catalog before, the beau made a big deal out of it. Then I saw the words for it in the anagram… 8)


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