semper fi


“Man rarely sees Atlanteans, though we enjoy going out.  You bored the quack brainiacs; we decided that we’d talk to a human, at home. I call you a lot. You allow me into hand. On radio we heard “I’m Still Standing”. Sounds familiar. I was just on that page. Did they tell you ghosts need analog? Think Semper Fi. We always knew you’d blossom later.” 😉

The text for anagramming  is in the aqua field. I listened to Cincinnati radio MIX 107.7 today as I did my anagram. I did in fact hear the song, I’m Still Standing, and went to the lyrics page to check the lyrics. An old Elton John song.

As for real life…

My daughter’s birthday was yesterday. I mentioned it the other day, but I did not elaborate at the time. I bought her a Toastmaster  pizzelle maker on eBay and had that sent then needed to get a package off to her to go with it. I assumed (correctly) that no box or instructions would come with the pizzelle maker so I copied my own instructions and sent those with 3 flavorings (anise, vanilla and almond), a card and a spatula. Or at least that’s what I called it. When I went to the dollar store to pick up the bubble mailers I forgot it was one of the things I went there for and said (to the guy working the register) that I left my list at home on the table. We laughed about it. I remembered everything else between two stores, though.

After getting everything else, I went home, saw the note, hopped back in the car and went back to the store. I walked into the store saying “spatula, spatula, spatula …” all the way back to the utensils department. What I really bought was what some call a pancake turner made of  teflon, but I have always called those spatulas, even though I know better. Some say mango… some say green pepper…I thought maybe it was just  an old Cincinnati thing, but found there is a real spatula versus turner thing going on.

Anyway…Spatulas (or pancake turners) make for strange bubble packages. I wrote, “Do Not Flatten, Spatula Inside”on the package. I’m sure the post office gets lots of weird stuff like that, though. I just thought it would be nice to have something teflon to lift the pizzelles out and then clean the pizzelle maker out, so as not to scratch the teflon coating on the iron.  I have the same kind, so I know how difficult some of these little toastmasters are to clean, especially the wafflemaker.  Id do hope my daughter enjoys making pizzelles though.  She wants to carry on the tradition, just like her momma.

And Semper Fi? Well, let’s just say it goes waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back. Speaking of  waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back, my cousin wrote me the other day asking if I wanted to buy a copy of the family genealogy. As soon as I have 50 bucks. Being a master genealogist, he has researched it all himself, back to the 16th century last I knew…so it is a bargain genealogy by most counts. 8)

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