words of today and yesterday, in that order

blogtoons2-23-09“Uh well. let’s have a look—I see…Oh. A spelling problem. He’s so sensitive…Like this. Clarity. A cannon‘s missing. She might connect with that. There it is. Please try to understand…I wonder…? What if today is an anomaly? Precisely BECAUSE you introduced a new variable, certainty? What then? Like this. She’s crazy! People who have authority tend not to have a problem with it. PSSST! I heard a secret about a treasure…You really might be on to something.The world doesn’t recognize what they’ve done…I’m sending you an instant message but don’t read it until tomorrow. It’s about what happened in real time yesterday. And now the continuation…

proof that the universe is ever explanding.”

blogtoons2-22-09If words are pictures are you getting it?

Anagrams later.

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