what’s the value


  ANAGRAM: “We see a century old house near the Madison-Milton, Kentucky bridge. Alien wondered about the “$50. value”. I tell the Lord I have faith, got holy path…He’ll help us pay day.”

Today’s anagrams come from the text in the green bubbles in the collage, a little different than the way I normally pick the text, but not that different.


My cousin sent me a note this week about the family geneaology book that he has put together, after some 40 years of research. He said my sister bought one, so for now I am not concerned about finding $50 to buy one, because right now we don’t have two nickels to rub together for paying the bills. It can wait. My sister bought one, so if I have a genealogic emergency, I can call her. 50bucks-huhIt’s not that I don’t appreciate the work he has done, I just can’t do it right now. He has no idea how I live these days. No one does, really. What’s the value of the family history? Hard to say? I would just be happy to get out to see my kids more often.

Anyway…speaking of getting out…I got outside a little today to pick up some driftwood on the riverfront. There are huge piles of it, but I can only handle small pieces that I put in the garden here and there to highlight certain flowers in the spring and summer. Things change around here, so I like using driftwood. I brought home seven or eight pieces, mostly small fitting in the back seat of the car.

While at the river I talked with a crew doing something on the bridge pilings. I asked if they were enjoying the view from a different angle, and they said it was really ugly here, no mountains or trees. Nothing I haven’t heard before. I said something about enjoying their break anyway. They  said they were on a break the whole day, so I’m not sure if they were too happy about whatever it was they were doing. I saw them standing around a truck while another crew went back and forth to the bridge in a pontoon-style boat.

Finishing up with my little outdoor adventure I spoke with a man who lives in the neighborhood, who was there to feed the ducks. He said  they (the bridge-builders, whomever they will be) really need to go downstream, past the historic district, to build the bridge. Yeah, that means I (and all those in the area here) would have to travel west and south to go north and east, but hey, it beats having a bridge in my backyard, or others losing their property. And what of building a new bridge on the old? Not up to me…that’s why the bridge folks were here. More on the Madison-Milton (or as is proper, the “Milton-Madison bridge”, because Kentucky owns it) bridge here.

Hard to say what the value of building the bridge in one place versus another is here, depends on who you ask. If it’s your own house being directly impacted, it makes a bigger difference. The thing is, it is Kentucky’s deal really, so hard to say how the final decision will be made.

If you go to the site you will notice you see no proposed illustrations or photos with the city of Madison in the background. The view is from Madison towards Milton. The bridge ideas may be harder to see with the real thing in the background.

Today I see the value in going outside, enjoying a little fresh air and sunshine, exercising a little (walking, bending, carrying driftwood) and being able to connect a few comic text bubbles to my day.

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