volcano monitoring

I just about fell outta’ my chair when I heard the term volcano monitoring come out of Governor Jindal’s mouth last night. If you live in the path of what could be a volcano blowing out some magma or ash, you might want the USGS to be monitoring said volcano, in order to warn you of a possible cataclysmic blow or impending ash path. You may want to know where your kids are that day.

Politics, being what it is, generally finds someone to jump on the wrong bandwagon. In the case of saving money, ya’ sometimes gotta spend it to save it. In this case, spending goes to monitoring volcanoes with cameras, temperature and gas measurements, etc. I’m not scientist but it wouldn’t take a geologist or a rocket scientist to figure out that if volcanoes are not monitored taxpayers can lose a lot more than the $140 million dollar amount thrown out there for effect complaint after Obama’s speech. It might be a different story if the gov’na had a little shaking going on in his back yard there in Louisiana.

Maybe going after those bigtime bailed out partyplanners would help cut a few more bucks than volcano monitoring. It’s easy for taxpayers to see who really needs to be monitored these days.

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