v to c

“They’ve high hope why I didn’t tell about another human’s mistake yesterday when I changed V to C in that physorg dot com article. Who else would know how my www cartoon theories work?” 

Today’s aforementioned anagram comes from this text in the comics’ text bubbles collage: “Ooh, what I wouldn’t give to have my selectric back! Holy…what are those things? And they wonder why I pretend I don’t know them. What are we watching? Holy smokes, how old is your computer?”

Because of the mistake, I mention I posted a corrected spelling error in my post yesterday-three for today– wherein the word “vases” was changed to read “cases”. I’m sure that was the intent of the person who wrote the article, or at least the intent of the universe. It just happens to play into my collage today making a connection via two visuals in today’s comics collage…things connect from one day to the next. 8)


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