an unusual device

The doctor slapped himself, not once, but twice today, while we were discussing my health issues. The universe is strange indeed. I don’t think I could have predicted that response from a physician, but  I suppose I handle my frustration differently, and we were not seeing eye to eye on my care. I was having a bad day myself; the pain got to me a bit more than usual and I was feeling a little depressed about having gained about 10 pounds since my last visit there, knowing the weight gain is adding to the problem at this point. I have had vertigo for two plus years, so on occasion it gets a little old and I complain. I told the doctor I didn’t want to just jump into just any pill therapy to treat new symptoms, and that I wanted to look at the different medications so I could make an informed decision about my care.

Obviously he was insulted by my wanting to know the difference and why one drug would be prescribed for use in my case. Do I want to take a seizure medication drug prescribed for migraine headaches, which I said I don’t really have, basically, so I can get rid of the possible pinched nerve pain I have had a month or more, and as a bonus lose weight? I want to know where this is coming from to begin with, not just start popping pills. That’s when he slapped himself, once, then twice.

At that point I knew we were on different wavelengths. I wasn’t there asking about a magic weight pill, this is follow-up about my vertigo. I am not pill phobic…just not wanting to take pills for every symtom that comes up when no one has a clue what the problem is. But there’s more…

I went home, explained to the beau how my visit went and a few minutes later made lunch, which was nothing more than a re-heated brat. I went outside to eat mine so I could enjoy the sunshine, and a friend of the beau’s came into the yard, asking about rope making. He came over to me, pointed to his cheek implying I owed  him a kiss. I am not in the habit of kissing Ron but that’s fine. I obliged. He had a file folder in his hand and talked to the beau while he took clothes off the line, while I sat in a chair in the sun for a few minutes.

I have no idea what paperwork was in the file folder. I only saw the words on it after they had the conversation. Ron said he reuses his folders, so one side 1901ropemakingsaid rope making and the other side said “Prescription Info”.  I recognized it as a “device” at that point. The two of them discussed different options for making rope and looked at some rope makers online-an old machine, a boy scout version and a couple of buggy wrenches on ebay were viewed. I noticed the patemt date on the one I related to for personal reasons. We’ll call it another “device”, albeit an unusual interpretation. I realize I normally do my anagrams first on this blog, followed by the collage from which they came, but decided you needed the rest of the story first.

Today’s anagram: “Your doctor slapped himself twice while talking with you today. That’s an unusual way to communicate. You think RJ missed something? Was the viral illness born in water? You want one thing. Lord will intervene. Divine shared. Ron is shown using rope “device”.

Text used to anagram is in the red outline in the collage. I also wrote down what I heard on the TV as I placed the last few comic bubbles in the collage…extending reasons…and the ATT commercial came on ( as it did just a few moments ago as well) with the words to a song, “You’re the only reason I keep on keeping on…”

Today’s collage, using a couple of toons from yesterday and some from today:3-5-09blogtoons

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