the apology

First thing this morning I got a call from my doctor…to apologize for his behavior yesterday, which I wrote about in my post (an unusual device).  Everyone has a bad day. I can appreciate a doctor calling me to apologize though. It showed up in the comics collage via text bubbles.  He said he felt terrible about what he had said to me yesterday, and apologized for the way he acted. I told him not to worry about it, and to go ahead with plans for me to see another doctor for possible tests that he cannot give me. If I decide I want to start taking one of the medications he mentioned I will have to go back to see him. No problem one way or the other for me. I already apologized for not being my typically happy upbeat personality in his office yesterday, and having allowed the frustration of my symptoms to cause me to shed a few tears.  That’s Okay, though, because God just filled me up with His love later in the day, just like He always does.

Here’s today’s anagram: “Only one mission beyond my usual positivity…the doctor had to respect you. He’ll make an apology call this morning. They see I thank heaven. What wherewithal! Life mirrors the existent alien” (or it could be “alien life mirrors the existent”).


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