bunny fingers in the mix

March 13th was the last post. Here’s what you get… a story or two mixed in with anagrams, all the collages from the past week, with yes, a picture of bunny fingers, the highlight of the week around here.

From the 14th and 15th you only get collages, though I did anagram you won’t be seeing those from last weekend, but hope you enjoy the collages anyway.




japOn Monday, the 16th I went before the board of public works and asked them to look into speed enforcement on the road in front of my house. It has been a problem in the past and now there is a weight limit on the Milton-Madison Bridge, so I expect more speeding semis to be zooming past the house now. I took some photos and asked them if they could have a little chat with the state. We’ll see what comes of it. Meanwhile, it was in the anagram I did on Tuesday, the 17th, as you can see in the collage below:


I will clarify in the anagram I mention a person who has moved into town that has been on my mind. His ALS has progressed and I often ask Jesus to bless the man in many ways. I also mention the Indiana 101, which is a segmented roadway, one part of which is only the section over the Florence Warsaw Bridge, a.k.a. the Markland Dam. The police chief and I had a short conversation after my schpiel about the increased traffic and if it would affect the dam.

Next…The collage of 3-18 and 3-19, without anagrams. Mostly the reason for not giving anagrams is a patient confidentiality that has occurred in the past few days. I decdied to keep some things private for other individuals. I have my files should I need them.





and on the 20th, this collage and the story that goes with it. On the 20th, the beau left for work before I got up, having had a bad night I managed a little morning sleep between 5 am and 8AM. I collected some comics and after coffee I decided my back had loosened up enough to try to go outside to work a little in the yard. I went outside for about a half hour and came in to put dishes in the sink and rest a few minutes, looking at more comics. At some point, deciding to go back outside again,  I was suddenly anxious about the hard-line phone. I don’t normally worry about the phone ringing and me getting to it, but for some reason I dropped everything else to go look for a longer phone cord. I could find none and at that point figured whatever was going on, the universe would take care of it.

I went back outside for a few minutes then came back in the house again. About two minutes later I heard the beau say, get the animals in the house and a towel. Towel, huh…like a code of some sort, I knew we were off to the hospital. I put the dogs in, got my car key and by that time he was inside the house telling me we needed to go to the hospital because he had sawed his left hand. Towel in hand we left.

Someone from the job site did call the house about an hour or so after he left the job site. He was all of a block up from the hospital emergency room when this occurred, but for whatever the reason, he thought he had to have his “insurance card” with him, so with the fingers taped (fortunately a co-worker had the tape, otherwise he would have bled out before he got home) he drove here. Obviously, he was in shock.


When we got to the emergency room, he went right in, and within an hour they were working on his hand. As it turned out there were two fingers that needed sutures…he was fortunate. The RN who introduced herself to us said there was an interim doctor there. The thing is she mispronounced the word interim…which made me listen and then think, ok, something is going on. Certainly a grown woman, a nurse, would know how to say that particular word?

In my weird way I make many connections. An emergency room is no different.  I was told that the interim doctor was from Boston, but he did not do any work on the beau. He did tell a story about a grandfather he saw once that had cut off three of his fingers accidentally. In the middle of the story I said, oh, it must’ve been my grandfather, and laughed. My great-grandfather had three fingers missing. He died before I was born…way before this young doctor was born, and nowhere near where he worked or where I was now. I just made the connection.

The attending physician, a woman, worked on the hand. He needed no microsurgery, no nerves had been damaged, he had complete feeling and movement. The blood loss got him a steak dinner, some drugs to help with the pain and bunny fingers to show his friends and co-workers. I missed church that night, but my neighbor filled me in on what I missed. It has been revival week, so I have attended church nightly this week, part of the reason I am behind in postings, but the other reason is it was a conscious choice.

The collage from the 21st (below) includes a partial cartoon-like hand with the two bunny fingers on it, an actual photo of the left fingers bandaged. We both found it interesting how the fingers are wrapped by using a little tube over the fingers, and the end is twisted and secured. Would love to meet the person who invented that little idea. The anagram for this collage will be in the next post.


While waiting for an x-ray after he was sutured but not yet cleaned up, I became aware that someone was in the hospital that I knew only as a person who had cancer. I had no name, no face, but I knew she was there by some sound wave that gave me the word, cancer. I thought about going to another hallway to see if I could pick up more on that, but stayed put in the room. Because of the awareness, when the person was wheeled past me a couple of minutes later, we made eye contact. It was a split second thing. When the gurney was just at the edge of the hallway by the room I was in, making two 90 degree turns, just between the second turn and the edge of the wall, we met eyes and smiled at each other, as though we knew one another. I am often aware that I am in a place to make a connection, be it that we are in the same air space or time and place or something, I make that connection.

Somehow I knew I had done what I had really come there to do. I made the connections.

That brings me to today, the 22nd. At this point, I will do another post.

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