curiouser and curiouser

ANAGRAM: “See why nothing’s a mystery. They continue…want the connection in Madison. With two trees you chose olive. Angels above knew it’s a choice with the Solomon method. God let you make lemonade…you haven’t felt used.”

That anagram kinda’ harks back to the sermon on Sunday. Good thing, considering the comics are from Sunday, too. I still don’t have today’s comics done yet, so yes, I’m still playing catch up. The sermon was on the two trees, so it showed up in anagram form. The visiting minister also mentioned lemonade via a song he and his wife sang. You had to be there I guess.3-22-09toons

In the last post I posted the week’s collages  and a couple of anagrams. Here is another one from the 21st, which I did not post the anagram for until now, though the entire collage is shown in the post bunny fingers in the mix.

On Saturday night I attended church, as it has been revival week.  My neighbor asks me to find the passages for her, using her bible, and before services she told me she wanted me to read Romans, showing me the words “marriage to Christ” at the top of the page. She said she found it very interesting. It wasn’t related to what the preacher was preaching about but I said I would do so sometime this week. I guess maybe that should be tonight’s read, since I haven’t done so yet. It’s in the anagram.

Also in the anagram is Mount Redoubt, which has erupted, and is probably spewing ash as I write. Events are always in the comics’ anagrams, but I usually don’t put them in a post until after the event has occurred, like the beau’s bunny fingers.


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