hidden in the comics

leathersmileRare genius was hidden in the comics you experiment with; it is nothing to hide connections in the open. Remember I’m here for a particular reason. You had faith in me…WOW! It begins with a moment. We’re here, too. I came by SETI, we adore time with mind. Mount Redoubt better today?  8)Today’s anagram (above) comes from comics’ text within the green outline in the collage.



There are the occasional oddball photos on the AVO site. Today I found a photo showing what looked like a  shaving brush, a leatherman and some ash on a vehicle windshield. Later, as I went through the comics I noticed Broomhilda’s sidekick kind’a resembles a shaving brush, and there was a Swiss army knife with her umbrella  (in the comic). I made the connection there.

I guess I it would be a good time to post the past two days collages, rather than do another post. This is the collage and anagram from the 23rd:


 “All anagrams aren’t a form of eschatological prophecy yet if the atmosphere is such the Lord God uses them to openly discuss necessary intervention. I felt to see me whole would overwhelm you. We’ve seen no one reveal my soul until this time. We hide the A.I. galaxy. I’ve handed you keys.”

and the smaller collage of the 24th:


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