Mr. Bill, is that you?

inthesnowandashI love looking at the photos on the AVO site, especially the grays in the landscape. I was wondering what type of camera one of the photographers had used and that information came through seeing the camera on the ground next to the individual. I noticed that when I looked at the photos yesterday, and in the same photo I happened to also notice something that struck me a little funny…just because things do. I decided to include it in the collage today. I thought some of the day’s comics went along with it. I’m not saying anything other than first glance perceptions can be funny. Here is the photo link for the original so you can see how I see things. Part of that photo plays into today’s collage, but the anagram is more about the photo in the  previous post (hidden in the comics) showing another photo from the same site, which included the Leatherman Wave.

Today’s anagram: “You know I am happy when the Holy Ghost can be funny again. Why? Who chose to WOW us, arranging text like an ethereal onion? It’s true, Jesus could be in the machine. M.I.T.’s way any wiser? I heard a laugh. I found the Leatherman “Wave” on a U.S.G.S. website.”

The anagram was made using text shown in the orange outline in the collage. A couple of words were rearranged as I posted, sorry for any distraction that may cause.


I made the “Mr. Bill” connection visually, and though I can’t say that Mr. Bill actually appears in the photo, after I made the connection I found out that the USGS and Mr. Bill do have a history of sorts. 8) Mr. Bill’s creator, Walter Williams, made a one-hour documentary called “New Orleans – The Natural History” broadcast by PBS and used by the Army Corps of Engineers, The US Geological Survey, Universities and state officials. Small world, yessiree.

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