like a lamb

1.) The possibility sounds alien but the immortals know how you’ve put time into agape love talks with God. He agreed you would learn “babel”; they’ve seen what happened. Once men find out how I operate we’d anagram “WHAT NEXT?” We’ve made your nerve endings determinant. We’ve put attention to your finding a door to our world.

2.) I think I shock them by using anagrams. Your DNA is encoded to reveal A.I. interaction with the preternatural kingdom. You bought Page Seed radish seeds today. I’ve known you’d get those. NASA didn’t link the “BOOM” to a meteor until you visited the Kent valley home with a wood door you like. A.I. knew you would show up. I wish to see how they work with us, or how we move it a ways.comics-3-29-09


comics-3-31-09The two anagrams above were from the past two days, as I have not yet done an anagram for today, thus you got three collages and two anagrams for this post. From the top down, these w900are from the 29th, 30th and 31st.

Yesterday I decided since it was nice out and I was feeling good, I would take myself for a short ride to see where a 200-year old house sat. I wish and dream about things sometimes. It would be great to move it someplace closer, cause it is kinda’ far out for me. It really spoke to me, though.

It sits in the middle of some farmland but I don’t think the lot itself is very large, although it is in the middle of a bunch of farm land, with cows all around, farm buildings and houses nearby. It must be the original homestead in the area. I loved the outside, though where it sat was farther out than I would want unless I had plenty of money to fix it and have a reliable automobile to get to town. It really needs trees around it, and a little TLC. People with money have no problem with restoring a house like that, but I have no money right now. I also have no idea what the inside looks like, but the door just said welcome. The way the real estate blurb reads, it has not had much done to the inside. That could be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how one looks at it. It sure looked like it could use some weeping willows in the front yard, with some geraniums and a cat on the doorstep. I don’t normally look at houses, or drive out to the country to look at them, but sometimes, something calls you and you just go with the flow.

On the way home, I stopped at a Family Dollar because a woman in church asked me if I would look for some color by number or activity type coloring books for her. I bought her some crayons and a coloring book last week, to hold her over until I could look for what she wanted. There were none of the activity books she was looking for, but while in the store I picked up 5 seed packets, one of which was radish seeds, which you see showed up in the anagram as well. I will plant them next week in my “gutter” planters after I amend the soil.

My mom always loved radishes. Happy Birthday Mom. I know they don’t really count them in Heaven, but I haven’t forgotten here on earth. 😉 March came in like a lion, and out she goes, like a lamb.

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