let’s imagine, huh

Our Father who art in Heaven, Hallowed be Thy Name…Jesus is really cool. They, whomever they may be, say that you actually can afford living in the country; it’s cheaper. Let’s imagine that it was your house a long time ago; Father bought it for you… I  liked the floors the most. We’re not astounded you took that “eye” trip. It’s just Truth mostly reminds us of paradise. The little children help show her, it’s them, the real aliens.

Nice anagram. I’m sure you can see where the text came from.

I did an anagram of yesterday’s collage, but I am just not posting it at this time. Of course, it skips a little history, but you don’t really need it at the moment. It does clarify mine, though, as it points out a cow farm that was up the street from where I used to live as a child. I may do a separate post on it at some point in the future, because it really is a great story anagram.



I decided to change out the header today for part of a photo where it looks like a crystal skull in the snow. It’s not, it just looks like it to me. 8)crystalskullheader04-01-091

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