palm sunday hammock

4-3-09toons Time to look for a new hammock so I looked around on the internet a little, then it was suggested I try eBay (on the third). I did not post on the third, instead skipping the day because I had re-hab late in the day as I was just worn out. The comics were already waiting for me to find that day, so I put a collage together.

The cosmic hand photo got my attention that day, too, but I did not post anything about that until the 4th (νοέω). I get off a day here and there. No big deal. A new hammock will be delivered sometime in the next week, and I am hoping it is the same kind I am replacing, which I actually purchased from some Mayan village open-air shopping hut in the Yucatan a few years back. I had two…that one kinda’ rotted last year. The older one has a few strings out, but otherwise is in decent shape…it needs repair I just cannot do right now. To use it with the threads pulled or missing will further ruin it, so I will try to tackle it someday when I don’t have a cat swinging from it while trying to figure out which string pulls through. Anyway…the hammock runs through a couple of the collages, just to tie things together for me.

In the next collage, which is from the 4th, actually, you see the hammock shows up again in the collage and in the anagram, this time as the photo is shown on the internet, on a yacht. I think it is a wonderful place to hang a hammock, and could go for a yacht myself. I used to think I wanted to live on a houseboat, but unless one is mechanically inclined, too many things are involved in living on water.  Oh well. Here’s Saturday’s collage and anagram (which connects to a couple of posts) that I am too lazy to write out:4-4-09toons

I know it’s long but I just wanna get this up. The collage I mean. Today’s collage (well it is tomorrow here already…) comes with only one explanation. I noticed the dollars I used this morning for church had the letters D-I-D on them, as I generally give $3.16. I gave another two dollars at evening service…giving dollar bills with the letter J-C. I will anagram tomorrow…today, however you wanna say it.


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