blue marble egg


I was probably ten-years old the last time I was given an Easter basket. On the way home from morning church yesterday (Sunday), my neighbor presented me with an Easter basket, a little metal basket containing pink grass with some peep-type marshamallow critters hidden in it, a couple of Milky Way rabbits, a container of orange TicTacs and a marble egg. Yep, a blue marble egg.

I mentioned in a post yesterday (palm sunday hammock) that I had given 5 dollar bills (which “spelled out” JC DID) for the offering plate, giving $3.16 in the morning and two bucks that night. I give what I have depending on what is in the house. I try to keep the $3.16 consistent. Before I left for church in the morning, I already knew something was up, and made a copy of the dollar bills before going to church. The DID dollars. I did not even have the other two dollars until  later in the afternoon, after church. When I got them out, and saw the mint’s JC on those two dollars, I knew to make a copy of those as well. I made the copy and gave it to the pastor. He does not necessarily share my enthusiam for “signs”, but many people don’t know what to make of me unless they have experienced something similar. My neighbor tries to accept what I say, as I guess she understands signs a little better (she is 82) and when I mentioned it was the language God uses when He speaks to me, unlike that which others may hear, and she offered up a song to quote…In the Garden. So I turn to page 51, in the old hymnal I got when the church replaced them with new ones this year, to share with you the chorus:

“And He walks with me, and He talks with me, And He tells me I am His own; And the joy we share as we tarry there, None other has ever known.” (C.Austin Miles, 1912)

I have the pastor a copy of the dollar bills I had put in the offering plate but I had to explain the significance of the “letters” to him when I handed him the two pieces of paper on which I had “printed” the money out. No, I am not going into the business of printing money, but he made that joke as he put the papers on his desk. When I saw the Pooch Cafe comic today, I knew I should include part of it in the collage, as well the  dollar bill on a clothesline that I saw in a Time article this morning.  Hard to tell who understands anything I say.

Yesterday was communion Sunday, that ever so seldom Sunday at the church I attend. I am used to a communion more often than once a year. Last year communion was done on some other day…I know I have mentioned it before. It’s just what I am used to, not a dig. It is a solemn, reflective reverence at the church I attend. The people are faithful.

I was having difficulty at services last night, as I was in a lot of pain, my back deciding to go into spasm about a half hour into services. I did the best I could to get through, using my birthing method of concentration and slow breathing to try to relax the muscles. It did loosen the muscle’s painful grip in the last minute or two, not long after receiving communion. It made for a much easier walk home. Anyway…

Another church member (the one for whom I had purchased the crayons and coloring book last week) gave me a couple of “The Shining Light” story papers she had picked up at another church. She often brings me some, and I noticed the date on one was from December 28, 2008. I immediately opened it to page three, reading the words, “Then the thought came, ‘Perhaps you can repeat scripture verses.’ She’d try. Oh, yes, there was John 3:16. Everybody could remember that whether they could concentrate or not. And she began, ‘For God so loved the world….'” The other paper was from February, 2009, the Shining Path.

I have a little box of recipe cards, called Recipes for the Soul, from which I occasionally select a card on which to ponder. I bought it at Salvation Army one day; it cost me a quarter, I think. I noticed that the card that came up when I decided to take a vignette photo was one containing a jack in the box…a joy card…one about surprise. Marble and Jack are always a nice surprise. surprisebasket

Before posting I picked another card, something I prefer to do without looking, as the cards are not separated by dividers or subjects…just to see what randomness brings me. It was one of my favorite mentions,  thus the card shown at the top of the post.

Today’s collage  will be in the next post.

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