the brake shoe


Sometime last week, I noticed an old, rusty brake shoe sitting atop a stump where I have a flower bed near the property line. I guess there is a reason I did not throw it away when I first saw it. I remember wondering how it got there. From that I made a connetion with an editorial comic that came up  that was posted on the 2nd. Part of it showed a brake shoe, an arrow, and the words “brake shoe”. I figured I needed to use the connection today so I could move onto something else. It does afford an example of how the universe manifests things in the yard, among other things.

The last few of posts mention my dollar bill offerings, and in order to understand you  might want to check those out to make the connection to this collage.

  • blue marble egg
  • palm sunday hammock
  • νοέω
  • Things are not always as they first appear, but if that is not part of a brake shoe I don’t know what it is.

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