visual aids

I tried something a little different at re-hab today. I used a couple of perspective illusions that I printed out from a page found on the internet, and asked the therapist to use them as part of an exercise. She tacked the designs to the wall (which has striped wallpaper to use for people with perception-perspective difficulties) and I walked to and fro, back and forth, to see how my body would respond to them. It appears this will be a good exercise for me, as long as I am in a small area and can hold on when I need to. It made a big difference in explaining to her what is going on with the eye-brain-body connection and how things are misfiring in there. The way these visual illusions may make you feel slightly off, dizzy or ill, well, that is how life is for me on a daily basis. I told her it was my best idea for eye-brain exercises, and she agrees. I likened it to having aversion to something and then using immersion to cure it, on a smaller scale.  After we did the exercises she did a little fascia work on me, which is always helpful. I gave her the link to the page on which I found these helpful designs.  If you look at the designs and they make you ill, just stop looking at them.

I decided to post today’s collage now, sans anagram, because the collage speaks for itself, and I would rather be doing something else right now.

It’s a nice day outside, so time for sunshine and fresh air.4-9-9

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